Gondola Tour

Live the city lapped water, dreaming of a gondola that arrives at a front door that opens to a dance hall, where the music intoxicates you between the rustling and the vibrant light of candles ... It’ s Venice: a dream, an ‘thrill to live to this day. The gondola tour is the essence of Venice: you can enjoy it during the day or at the evening and its duration is about 40 minutes. The serenade is offered by a couple of musicians formed by accordion or guitar and voice. They perform the traditional Venetian and Neapolitan arias and the famous melodies of our beautiful country known abroad. 

Serenades, which are traditionally sung in the gondola, are the deep poetry of Venice. 

Sweet melodies in Venetian dialect of anonymous authors of the '600, ‘700 and contemporary age accompany gondolas which leave from San Marco and that in a silent way line the streets of water of this fairytale city.

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